“You’ve Been Booed” – Crowd Pleasing Halloween Tricks and Treats

“You’ve Been Booed” – Crowd Pleasing Halloween Tricks and Treats

I grew up in the best neighborhood where hundreds of kids ran from home to home collecting candy in pillow cases and only stopping to drop off their loot at home, grab a new and empty pillowcase and keep running. The costumes and makeup were important, but it really was all about the candy! We’d spend the rest of the night sitting on the living room floor swapping out our candy until we had what we wanted (I’d trade all my Twizzlers for anything chocolate and my brother would snag all my Mike and Ikes — clearly nothing beats chocolate :P). Later on in college and after graduation, we’d throw amazing Halloween parties and dress up in the wackiest costumes. My favorite was busting out this blonde afro time after time – think Beyonce as Foxxy Cleopatra in those Austin Powers movies. Anyways (ahh memories…) Halloween brings out the fun and silly in everyone and now that I have 2 little girls at home, it’s time to keep up traditions and start some new ones. 

You’ve Been Booed!

This is a Halloween tradition our neighborhood started a few years ago and something I look forward to doing each year. 

It’s really easy and adds to the fun of Halloween a few days early! So what do you do!? I’ve included a free printable – follow the instructions printed right on it!

  1. Grab 2 Halloween plastic candy buckets and pails fill them with some goodies like candy, of course, glow sticks, Halloween pencils, play-dohglow rings, tattoos and stickers, more stickers and whatever else you want to throw in. 
  2. Print 3 copies of your You’ve Been Booed printable.
  3. Place the “We’ve Been Booed” sign in your window for all to see.
  4. Place the other 2 copies into each treat bucket.
  5. Deliver the treats and papers to 2 other houses in your neighborhood who haven’t been booed yet. Don’t let them see you! Guessing who booed you is part of the fun! 

Letting the kids run up to the house with the treats to BOO! their friends is so much fun! Why not start a new neighborhood tradition this year?!

Classroom Treats

If I could spend my time baking delicious pastries and indulging in my creative side all day, I would, BUT, let’s be real, life is busy and as much as I want to make all those amazing looking treats on Pinterest, I don’t always have the time. Want to pull something together that’s quick and easy, but still looks festive? Here are a few spooky and delicious ideas that will surely make all the kids scream with excitement! 

Cupcakes are always a hit – these are super easy and colorful. Box cake mix, pipe on that buttercream and adorn with a spooky add on, DONE!

My favorite bribe – lollipops! Toss on a tissue, rubber-band the middle, add a ribbon, draw some eyes and there you go, the kids will love this one. 

Sweet & Salty! I’ve made these treats countless times. Grab your favorite bite sized pretzel (I like using the square snaps), unwrap and place a Hershey’s hugs on each one and bake for 1-2 minutes on 350 degrees until the chocolate starts to melt. Top with candy corn or candy pumpkin and smoosh down to flatten the kiss. Let cool and devour! I dare you to just have one.

Tip: Try this again around Christmas time and top the Hersey’s hugs with red and green M&Ms for a festive look.

A variation of dirt pie in cupcake form – frost them, decorate with Oreo crumbs and some wiggly worms.

Everyone’s favorite – goldfish crackers individually wrapped up in a baggie and tied at the top for the cutest mini pumpkin I’ve ever seen. 

Halloween Themed Puppy Chow. Mix your favorites together – Reese’s Pieces, pretzel bites, mini Reese’s cups, candy corn/candy pumpkins and muddy buddies. No bake & so easy!

Drop a comment below with your favorite Halloween traditions and treats or your craziest Halloween memories! 

XO, Anna

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