Ultimate Gift Guide for the Ladies
Gift guide for the teachers

Ultimate Gift Guide for the Ladies

For the Teacher

Teachers are amazing. They are educators, therapists, authority figures and friends for our littles, and spend more time with our kids than we do as parents. They are big influencers in our kids’ lives. So especially around the holidays, we make sure to show our appreciation. This can be done through home made gift baskets and cards, but the store bought route works too! Here are some suggestions to brighten your kids’ teacher’s day!

  1. A thermos – because there is not enough coffee/tea in the day to wake up early and keep up with these kiddos! This one is a favorite – actually doesn’t leak, and keeps my tea hot alllll day.
  2. And some COFFEE to go along with the thermos! 2-day shipping for gift cards – no need to go to a store!
  3. A nice pen – a teacher’s most used tool. Help her write in style and comfort!
  4. A planner to keep her days and nights organized. This pretty Lilly Pulitzer one does the job in style.
  5. A little something to RELAX after teaching 20 little distracted minds all day – pair with a bottle of wine!
  6. CHOCOLATE – because it makes everything better 🙂
  7. Bubble bath so she can relax! Pair with a spa gift card for a really nice gift.

For the Co-worker

Whether you exchange with coworkers or participate in grab bags / yankee swaps, these gifts are great options. And most of them are under $20!

  1. Know someone who is into healthy living? This skinnytaste cookbook has great healthy recipes, with options for slow cookers, instapot, and stove top. I’ve tried many of the recipes, and they are delicious!
  2. A new yoga mat is a great gift for anyone into exercise classes…much nicer than the ones at the gym, and more appealing than using someone else’s sweaty leftovers 😉 
  3. Alcohol is NEVER a bad idea (unless your coworker is in AA), and these wine tumblers are fantastic (and spill proof). Moscow mule mugs are great too!
  4. Friends/coworkers who are into travel? A few ideas to help them on their next trip! A packing list they can check off as they pack, and then throw out. Something so much more satisfying about crossing stuff off a list with a paper and pen rather than a computer and mouse.
  5. A travel journal to track their journey. I forget what I did 2 days ago, so having a way to log what I see and do when I travel is a MUST…and helps me collect my thoughts and experiences when I finally get to creating a photo album 6 months later.
  6. A personal alarm. Something to keep them safe when they travel (or even out locally). When the pin is removed, this tiny device generates a 120-decibel alarm (ambulance level).
  7. Travel sized toiletries to get by those darn 4oz liquid limits on carry-ons! I try to travel with a carry-on as much as possible, and this is always a struggle. Having my favorite toiletries in travel size is clutch.
  8. A scarf to keep warm and cozy in the winter. Love the fringe!
  9. Bath fizzes – because there is nothing better than a hot bath on a cold day.
  10. A beautiful candle – how beautiful is this copper one??
  11. Ornaments – because at least 3 break in my house every year. If your coworker/friend has had any milestones (i.e. new house, baby) or traveled somewhere, getting an ornament to remember that trip or milestone is also a great idea!

For Your Mom and Mom-In-Law

  1. For the entertainer: a beautiful Acacia bowl. Check out the details on this!
  2. Help her take care of her hands and feet in this dry weather. The gloves and socks infuse moisture while she sleeps. Pair with a favorite moisturizer.
  3. These pretty candles will add a little glam to her house while adding ambiance and a subtle fragrance.
  4. These are the most comfortable slippers! Help her stay warm and cozy at home! Pair with a Neflix subscription for some cozy evenings at home.
  5. A new perfume to try – this is a classic.
  6. A pretty silk/cashmere scarf so she can add a little pop of color to any outfit.
  7. A new necklace to add a little glam to a night out!
  8. Plan an overnight trip – maybe to see a play in NYC? Add in a weekender bag so that she travels in style.
  9. My mom LOVES physical prints. This cool gadget will let her print photos from her phone! 
  10. And then get her a pretty frame to display those photos she prints – this collection is classic and gorgeous.
  11. A new watch so she can tell time in style.
  12. A new leather wallet that can be worn on its own as a wristlet.

For Your Sister, Bestie, or Yourself!

Some ideas for the special women in your life – be they sisters, best friends, or sisters from another mister. Or perhaps leave a print out casually on the kitchen table, highlighted and circled as a casual hint for your SO 🙂 L’s indicate a luxury buy (over $50), while B’s indicate a budget buy (under $50), so there are options for everyone on your list! 

  •  A new work bag makes a great gift, and MAY just make going back to work after the holidays a bit more tolerable 🙂
    • This luxury work bag offers mixed media for a modern feel, and built-in RFID technology to shield personal information from electronic scanners
    • The more affordable option is made of leather and fabric, and offers multiple pockets to keep her organized.
  •  Phone accessories will help keep her entertained!
    • These UGG headphone earmuffs will keep her warm all winter while helping her listen to her favorite tunes (or audiobooks) – pair with an iTunes gift card or an audible subscription!
    • This Kardashian-approved Lumee case will boost her selfie game. It has studio-quality front and back facing lights to take great pictures every time.
  • A little bling is always welcome.
  • A crossbody bag will step up her every day – whether running errands or going on date night.
    • The luxe version is a Rebecca Minkoff crossbody bag with beautiful chevron quilting. Take the strap off to turn it into a clutch. Comes in multiple colors.
    • The budget version offers a similar design without the designer name, and in faux leather.
  • A new wallet will help her stay organized.
    • This Kate Spade leather beauty can be used as a wallet, or taken on its own as a wristlet. It has lots of pockets – both inside and out – to keep all the essentials in.
    • This LV-look-alike is oversized to fit your smart phone, and offers RFID blocking technology.
  • A new watch to keep her on time (who knows, it may help!)
  • Is she ready to try a new signature scent?

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