The ULTIMATE Gift Guide for the GUY on Your List!
Gift guide for the entertainer

The ULTIMATE Gift Guide for the GUY on Your List!


Below are gift ideas for any guy – for the traveler, sports nut, gamer, entertainer, geek, or tech/gadget affeccionado. Scroll all the way down for tons of great suggestions!

My husband happens to be a pretty good mix of tech, sports, and geek (biased here, I know). These geeky gifts are totally up his alley.

  1. Who doesn’t want their own R2D2 app-enabled drone?? Fun for kids and adults alike, and has great reviews. 
  2. For the ultimate Star Wars and breakfast lover – a death star waffle maker! Take your weekend breakfast game up a notch (awesome way to impress any sleepover guests!)
  3. For the guy that loves to cook (or perhaps for whoever cooks FOR the geeky guy in your life…) – a geeky chef cookbook, with recipes from all the favorite sci-fi and fantasy movies, TV shows, and video games (GOT, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Zelda, and more!) Click the link to take a peek at some recipes!
  4. We have this Game of Thrones ornament, and it’s awesome! My husband’s favorite to hang. It looks heavy, but is definitely light enough to hang on any tree. Great stocking stuffer!
  5. A HODOR door stopper for any Game of Thrones fan – just beware, this is a novelty item – it won’t work well as an ACTUAL door stopper 😉

For the sports nut in your life, tickets to sporting events are always a great idea. Pair it with one of the items below to go along with the tickets (or on their own!) 

  1. A new driver for the golfer in your life. This one was a top recommendation from Golf Digest, and has awesome reviews! It’s also going on my own shopping list for my golfer husband.
  2. You can’t go wrong with apparel. I’ve been quietly throwing out my husband’s tattered shirts when I do the laundry – good time to replace them for the holidays! You can find this UCONN quarter zip shirt here. Not a UCONN fan? (knife to the heart). You can find all the team apparel here (pro and college).
  3. For the skier or snowboarder in your life,this little gadget will dry his gloves and boots quickly so that he can be warm and dry when he heads back out on the slopes! And it’s portable. For those of you in Connecticut, the Warren Miller event at the Bushnell is a great one on Nov 17! 
  4. Is your guy into outdoor sports in the wintertime? Hockey, skiing, snowboarding, ice fishing, polar bear plunging? Keep those lips protected so that you can kiss them later with this lip balm!
  1. The new Call of Duty is being released October 12, just in time for the holidays (you can pre-order yours now). 
  2. If your gamer is more into computer-based games rather than gaming systems, a lightspeed mouse upgrade may be just what he needs!
  3. And don’t forget a headset (for PC or Playstation 4) so he can plan out his strategy with his buddies in Dolby 7.1 surround sound.

What is it about guys and electronics and the need to have the latest toys? These gifts are sure to please…

  1. Wireless speakers. This Sonos speaker is a Consumer Reports best buy, and a great option for the music lover.
  2. This Anker speaker is a lower-cost alternative to the Sonos – great for a stocking stuffer!
  3. These BOSE wireless headphones are great for anyone who is active – they are waterproof and sweatproof, so great for the gym.
  4. A wireless charger is so convenient – this one works with both iPhones and Android phones.
  5. The eero home wifi system is pricey, but a great way to get fast internet to any room in your house. My husband has been hinting about this for a gift for a solid 5 months.
  6. A very stylish way to charge your apple watch – a beautiful charger that looks like decoration on your night stand.
  7. A power bank is a must. I love this one because it comes with the charging cables built in, so you don’t have to worry about remembering the power bank and cables, and the cables fold in nicely into the charger. I use mine ALL THE TIME!

The gift of travel can be life changing. We try to have a trip planned at all times – something to look forward to, a way to expand horizons. Our personal goal is to get to every continent (yes, even Antarctica). If wanderlust is in your genes, these gifts will be for you!

  1. Combining the love of tech toys with the love of travel, a drone makes an awesome gift for any guy. They give the ability to explore new places not accessible by foot, birds eye views, and a way to capture memories from a new vantage point. There are two options for drones. The first is the Spark, which is a lower cost drone that provides fun capabilities, like selfie mode. One of the cons is that it doesn’t have a long range, so the drone won’t fly too far away from the user before losing wifi range.
  2. The Maverick is higher priced than the Spark, but has a much longer range that allows you to get some pretty significant distance for more exploration!
  3. For the traveler that has bucket lists they like to track (like hitting every continent or national park), maps are a great way to highlight progress. For the national parks fan, this map helps track and display which parks he has been to!
  4. For the guy that loves his beer (which guy doesn’t??) in addition to travel, this beer cap map is a fun way to show off the travels and local brews!
  5. For those that have more far-reaching goals of traveling the world, this map shows off those goals!
  6. And if checklists aren’t your guy’s thing, but weekend getaways are, this bag will help him travel in style. Pair with a quick getaway to the City or his favorite destination!

There are a few staples for any entertainer – a good game to entertain your guests, and alcohol! See below for some great picks:

  1. For lovers of Cards Against Humanity – Joking Hazards is the next not-for-kids game from the creaters of Cyanide & Happiness (webcomic). Friends compete to create the best comics on various adult topics.
  2. These 100% hand crafted copper Moscow Mule mugs will be a hit at the next get together!
  3. A bartender kit is a staple for any entertainer – if you need an update, grab this one!
  4. Craft beer is so popular right now – get into the action yourself with this craft beer kit.

When all else fails, a wardrobe refresh is always good!

  1. A new wool hat to keep him warm
  2. A cozy sweater
  3. A new leather wallet
  4. A wool coat – I like this one because it buttons to the top (my husband refuses to wear scarves)
  5. A new briefcase – perfect for travel (it slides right on top of the suitcase handle), and it is a slim build. This one is a more affordable alternative.

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